Cooperation Integration Canada

At the service of the community


CICAN in its operation, offers activities adapted to the needs of members and their families in the community. Some of our services include: reception, reference, animation and information services. CICAN has also set up various services, workshops and conferences to better support members throughout the year.

Our team of interns and volunteers work closely with other agencies, community groups and community individuals, including parents and youth. We provide services and training on contemporary issues, particularly those affecting young people and the elderly.

We organize community and school activities. For example social service fairs, information evenings for parents and workshops to promote the family and improve the living conditions of our community.

CICAN is also able to offer training on topics affecting young people and parents such as internet safety, healthy relationships, mental health and peer harassment... Requests for workshops can come from young people or parents.

CICAN remains faithful to its commitment to provide services that meet the needs of the community. It is with this in mind that approximately 11 workshops specially adapted to our community needs were designed and are offered each year. Do not hesitate to send us your requests and suggestions!

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CICAN is very sensitive to art and culture, as we understand it's an important vectors of integration.

Ipo sublimates the art of pyrography



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