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Our free and individualized French courses are offered for two to three hours per week. These courses are given by volunteer tutors trained and supervised by CICAN

Employment assistance

Do you need a first Canadian experience? Your resume is not up to date? Do you want to learn about the job market? CICAN and its partners are there to help you.

If you are committed to help others and you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, CICAN will be be thankful to count you among its volunteer members.

Information Program on Culture and Life in Canada

Come and follow our workshops and share your cultural richness with the other participants. Our various forums on life in Canada offer a pleasant setting for discussion.

Specific support

You need to go to the bank, to the clinic, to have your SIN…? Would you like to benefit from the services of a translator or a social worker? Contact us.

Environmental protection

CICAN offers environmental protection information and advice to help fight climate change.

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  • Housekeeping
  • Physical assistance
  • Services pour les personnes âgées
  • Assistance with meal preparation
  • Personal hygiene care
  • Surveillance and guarding
  • Grocery, washing (laundry) or shopping
  • Respite services for caregivers and family


  • Dressing change
  • Antibiotic therapy, intravenous
  • Palliative care and end-of-life support
  • Vaccination
  • Teaching to administer medication
  • Care and support for force-feeding
  • Évaluation du risque cardiovasculaire
  • Diabetic follow-up
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Prise de sang
  • Retrait des points de sutures et agrafes



  • Medical visits
  • dental appointments
  • Dialysis appointment
  • Groceries and personal purchases
  • Medical tests and outpatient procedures
  • Drop-off and pick-up of prescriptions
  • Pet vet appointments
  • Adult Day Programs
  • Therapy sessions
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Our psychotherapists support you

Are you a black woman or girl who is the victim of gender-based violence and you need to consult a psychotherapist? Complete the following form. The consultation is free. The seats are limited.

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